Uncovering the Real Meaning Behind Silver Jewellery

silver jewellery

silver jewellery

Silver simply oozes respectability. Silver jewellery does the same. The colour silver, as well as the metal itself, have many different meanings. Compassion, intuition and femininity are all traits this colour possesses and when wearing silver jewellery, they are said to increase greatly.

Silver has been used to describe many different emotions, abilities and objects over the years. It’s easy to see why: silver metal makes people feel and think about similar things. Whether it is the shiny metal, the soothing colour or the versatility, we all love silver. Of course, we also love silver jewellery and here at Custom Keepsakes we mainly use silver for our personalised jewellery.

Over many generations, we’ve given power to not only the colour silver, but to the metal too. If you have a silver tongue, you are said to be a gifted speaker. Also, a silver screen is a movie shown at a cinema and if you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you are wealthy. That’s one of the reasons why a silver spoon is given as a Christening gift.

What Happens When You Wear Silver Jewellery?

People have said that wearing silver jewellery helps to draw negativity and evil spirits out of the body. It also is said to bring the wearer unconditional love, psychic abilities, kindness and hope. When you add gemstones, the meaning increases further. Take our Peapods for instance. We use a variety of amethyst, greenstone, blue lace agate and tiger eye gems. Each brings the wearer a different strength or ability.

Then we enter the mysterious realm of magic. Silver is said to have a fantastic magical property. It helps to intensify the action a gemstone gives, as well as assist with performing spells. Wearing silver jewellery when performing a spell or ritual is supposed to help increase intuition, fertility, wealth creation and purification.

Is Silver Your Favourite Colour?

If you are drawn to the colour silver, you are believed to be a highly sensitive person. You can easily identify the good and bad aspects of people. You are also very patient and psychic. If you have a spiritual personality, you may frequently be drawn to the colour silver and jewellery made with it. Finally, people who like silver are often highly artistic and creative. They enjoy using their imagination and can be quite moody.

There are actually nine different types of silver, all of which you can find out about in our article 9 Types of Silver – Determining the “fools gold” of silvers.

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