The Truth about Mother’s Day – What They Never Told You.


I was talking to a young adult the other day about having kids and being a mum. We got onto the subject of Mother’s Day and what she thought a typical Mother’s Day would look like when she was a mum.

She thought that she would probably have a sleep in, followed by breakfast in bed (or brunch out) and also open an awesome present. She thought that she would spend the rest of the day reading a book in the sun while everybody ran around after her. While this sounded fantastic, I didn’t have the heart to burst her bubble!!!

I think we would all agree, for the vast majority of us, Mother’s Day looks quite different. If you managed to avoid getting up through the night to feed or settle your children, you probably didn’t make it much past 7.00 before your children spoiled any chance of a sleep in by jumping on you and nagging you to open their present. Inside you find an acrylic rainbow colour duster from your son and a fairy ornament from your daughter which she actually wanted for herself. A box of Favourites have been thrown in by hubby for good measure. Your heart warms, knowing that while they weren’t exactly things that you would pick for yourself, they had made an effort to go shopping just for you.

When a piece of toast with fluff in the butter, and half a cup of tea arrives, you are grateful for their efforts but also make a mental note to clean the carpet in the hallway when you get up. By 8 am, your chocolates have been eaten (except the Turkish Delight), and the kids are squabbling over children’s tv channels in your bedroom. By 9am the first load of washing is on and you are wondering what to do with the duster and fairy. By 10 am, it’s just another day….

Even on the one day that is supposed to be all about us, it’s actually just as much about the kids…..   That said, if you want to ensure that the gift that you unwrap on Mother’s Day is something that is precious, and memorable, why not make a subtle hint that you would love a piece of family inspired jewellery from  Custom Keepsake.

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I’d love to hear about whether you have similar experiences of Mother’s Day, and what your Mother’s Day looked like this year…..


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