Guide to the World’s Most Popular Jewellery Gemstones


popular jewellery gemstones

Jewellery and gemstones. These two beautiful items go together so beautifully, that it’s no wonder we’re always looking for popular jewellery gemstones to add to our collection here at Custom Keepsakes. While we specialise in semi-precious gemstones such as lace agate, greenstone and amethyst, we still love drooling over the precious gemstones of diamonds, sapphires and emeralds in photos! So, we’ve put together this little guide of the most popular jewellery gemstones used throughout the world to give you some fabulous eye candy.

Gemstones are technically pieces of mineral, rock or organic materials which are cut or polished and turned into jewellery pieces. The general price for each gemstone depends on both the demand and the supply available. It also depends on the four C’s: cut, colour, clarity and carat.

Surprisingly, we have found that New Zealanders don’t necessarily choose the type of gemstone before the piece of jewellery. They prefer to look deeper and pick a style they like and then the gemstone, especially with our Pea Pod necklaces. When it comes to popular jewellery gemstones in our handmade jewellery collection, we prefer to work with semi-precious stones. This makes our jewellery affordable for everyone.

10 of the World’s Most Popular Jewellery Gemstones

Are you ready ladies? Here is our list of the ten most popular gemstones used in jewellery throughout the world:

  1. Diamond – the hardest naturally formed substance on earth, they traditionally symbolise everlasting love.
  2. Ruby – the rich red ruby also symbolises love, as well as health and wisdom.
  3. Sapphire – very popular in engagement rings, the sapphire is most recognised in blue, but does come in other colours.
  4. Emerald – a rich green, emeralds were once worn by Queen Cleopatra!
  5. Pearl – okay, so it’s not technically a gemstone as it forms inside an oyster or clam. But pearls look lovely made up into jewellery.
  6. Amethyst – varying in colour from a pale to deep purple, amethysts are said to help calm and relax the person who wears or holds one.
  7. Quartz – very common, quartz comes in many different colours and shapes.
  8. Tourmaline – holds the claim to fame of being the gemstone which comes in the most number of naturally occurring colours.
  9. Fluorite – available in a few different colours, fluorite is said to help protect and bring peace when worn.
  10. Greenstone – called jade in other parts of the world, greenstone is a traditional Maori stone found only in NZ.

You can find out more about the healing properties of gemstones and how to care for them by reading our article, Do Gemstones Have Healing Properties – Fact or Fiction? Don’t forget to check out our Peapod jewellery range to order your own semi-precious gemstone jewellery too!





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