New Year’s Resolutions for Jewellery: Is That a Thing?

New Year's Resolutions

Every year, millions of New Year’s resolutions are made. We vow to go on a diet, join a gym, drink less and save more money. By the end of the first week, they’re all broken, and we feel rotten about failing. But I’ve found a type of New Year’s resolution which will not only get you excited, but will be successfully completed too! It’s a jewellery New Year’s resolution.

What Are Jewellery New Year’s Resolutions?

I kid you not, they are a real thing! Best of all, these resolutions are all about your jewellery and you too. They’re easy to do and bring great rewards. This year, why not try these jewellery resolutions instead?

  1. Clean your jewellery often – once a month is a good number to aim for. Make sure you follow our jewellery cleaning instructions to keep your pieces looking fabulous.
  2. Repair old or broken jewellery – sometimes things happen to our jewellery. We drop rings and their stones become loose. Or we may snap the chain off a pendant. Make this year the year when you have all those pieces repaired and bring them out of the jewellery box!
  3. Store your jewellery correctly – are you storing your jewellery correctly? Do the chains become tangled or different metals tarnish each other? Make the decision to organise and store your jewellery in the way best for each piece – you won’t regret it!
  4. Buy yourself jewellery – now this is one every woman should do! There are five essential jewellery pieces every woman should own. If you don’t own all five, remedy it this year!
  5. Check your jewellery insurance – if a burglar visited your home or you lost a piece of jewellery at the shops, will insurance cover it’s replacement? This year, check that your jewellery is covered by your contents policy and if it isn’t, get it covered.
  6. Wear more jewellery – another one close to my heart! You can always wear more jewellery and to prove it to yourself, head over to our jewellery store to buy yourself something nice to wear now!

This New Year, it’s time to get serious with your resolutions! What better way to do this than by making them about something you care about: jewellery! I’d love to know what resolutions you have made. Share them below in the comments with us or better yet, show us by buying and wearing some amazing NZ made jewellery instead!


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