Jewellery Insurance to Give Your Burglars Nightmares

Jewellery Insurance

jewellery Insurance

Jewellery insurance may not be your dream come true. But neither is seeing your rings worn by someone else. When the worst happens and someone burgles your home, it’s great to know that your jewellery will be replaced. Or will it? Today I’m going to discuss all about insuring your jewellery to keep it safe.

Understanding the Highs and Lows of Jewellery Insurance

I’m going to say straight up, it sucks having to pay money for insurance regardless of what it’s for. Yet car, contents and life insurance, together with all the rest, were established because bad things happen. In a perfect world, they shouldn’t, but they do and that’s why we need insurance. To repair, compensate for or replace the things we value.

What happens next? You decide to buy insurance, mainly content insurance in the case of your jewellery. This will cover all your stuff including your jewellery, right? Maybe. It’s all in the wording of your policy. Some insurers may include jewellery, others will exclude it. Then you get those who want you to individually identify each piece and get it valued before they will insure it. A mind field, yes. But one worth taking the time to walk through to make sure you can replace your jewellery if the worst happens.

Tips on Insuring Your Jewellery

First up, chat with your insurance company or insurance broker. Let them know what you want covered and ask them to give you their best offer. Make sure that before you agree to the cover, that you have read and understood the policy. This is no mean feat, so asking someone to help you such as a friend or family member is a great idea.

Secondly, if you have a lot of or some highly priced jewellery, consider having appraisals done. This will involve a professional photographing, inspecting and estimating a replacement cost for all or just some pieces.  You could also do it yourself if you have low priced jewellery by making lists, taking photos and keeping receipts.  Keep a list of everything at another place other than your home too.

Thirdly, keep all your jewellery in good condition. Precious stones should be secure in rings, pendants and brochures. This means checking the claws on rings too. Also, clasps and strings need to be checked for wear and tear and repaired if needed.

Fourthly, sunscreen and rings don’t mix. I’ve heard of many people losing their rings at the beach or the garden after applying sunscreen. But that would also go for hand moisturiser too. It’s best to only put on jewellery after any cream or moisturiser has been rubbed or soaked in.

I don’t know about you, but all this talk about jewellery makes me want more of it! One of my favourites is the Sterling Silver Puzzle Piece. It features Swarovski crystal and a sterling silver chain. Simply divine!! Look around the rest of my online jewellery shop. I’m sure you’ll find plenty more you’ll fall in love with!

Finally, if you want to give your burglar a jewellery insurance nightmare, use a built in jewellery safe. It doesn’t insure your jewellery with a policy. But it insures they can’t open it, take it away or make you claim insurance on their thievery. It’s a win for you and a fail for them. Yippee!


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