When Jewellery Falls Down the Drain, What Can You Do?

Jewellery falls down the drain

When jewellery falls down the drain, what can you do? Rings, pendants and bracelet charms are beautiful, but tiny. They’re more likely to accidentally fall down the plughole than anything else. Today we share with you some tips on recovering those missing pieces of jewellery.

When Your Jewellery Falls Down the Drain

You only may have taken it off for a minute or put it on the bench while you washed your hands. But the truth is, rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants are often victims of the drain. Sliding down the plughole when you least expect it, when jewellery falls down the drain your heart instantly takes a nosedive. After all, doesn’t it head straight out to the waste water plant?

Well, you may be in luck. Many drains in New Zealand have a bend in them underneath the sink. With names depicting their shape, a J bend, U bend, P bend or S bend drain all have one purpose – catch things which are not meant to have gone down the plughole. Your best bet is to turn off the water at the sink tap immediately and don’t put anymore down until your jewellery has been recovered. We strongly suggest calling in a professional plumber to retrieve your missing jewellery to avoid expensive plumbing mistakes or damage. However, you may feel confident in your plumbing skills to do this yourself, but know it is at your own risk!

Tips on Rescuing Jewellery from Down the Plughole

When it comes to retrieving rings, pendants and bracelets from down the drain, do as little plumbing work as possible. This may mean dangling a strong magnet on a string down the drain to hook your metal jewellery, except for gold, copper or aluminium which won’t attach to a magnet. You could also try taking off the drain plug area from the sink, especially if you can see the item from above. Finally, a telescopic grasping tool may help you grab it and pull it back up. Be aware though, that these methods may end up pushing it further down the drain.

When it comes to simple plumbing work, it is possible for a householder to take apart the bend or waste trap under the sink. If you’re lucky, it will have a drain plug at the bottom, which after you’ve put a bucket underneath, can open and it may flow out with the waste water. If not, then you’ll need to take apart the bend or trap. Now I’m not a plumber, so I can’t tell you how to do this sorry. But a quick search of Google, will give you plenty of free advice re falls down the drain

The next time your jewellery falls down the drain, remember to stop running water down it immediately and either try the non-plumbing tips above or call a plumber ASAP!



  1. Andrea March 22, 2018 at 2:30 pm - Reply

    I wish I’d known this when I lost a stud down the drain a couple of years ago!

    • owner March 22, 2018 at 2:41 pm - Reply

      Imaging if it was still sitting down there

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