5 Essential jewellery Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Ever wondered which jewellery pieces you should really wear? Wonder no more, because I’m going to tell you the five most important jewellery pieces every woman should own.

Jewellery Pieces

5 Jewellery Pieces Which Should Be in Every Woman’s Jewellery Box

Ready to learn about which jewellery pieces you need to have? Great, because they are:

  1. Stud Earrings – simple yet classy, beautiful and delicate, stud earrings are a must have piece of jewellery for every woman. They’re the go-to earring you can’t live without, a bit like the little black dress. It happens to be our Silver Daisy Studs fit the bill nicely in the stud earring department too.
  2. Long Chain Necklace – doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of gold or silver, wearing a long chain necklace always looks fabulous. It’s been a fashion statement since the 1930’s to wear a long necklace, particular with a pendant at the end. Many of our necklaces have a 45cm length option however as we’re a fan of long chains too you, we can do a longer at your request.
  3. Pearls – the Queen of the ocean, pearls bring their wearer a level of sophistication unmatched by other jewellery materials. One of the problems though is that pearls are often seen as being for older women. However, you can substitute pearls for your choice of semi-precious stones, many of which we include in our Peapod Pendants.
  4. Bracelet – a bracelet is a piece of jewellery you can wear every day and to every occasion. Bracelets have also been given many different associations in history too, such as being worn only by married women in India. Our Love Yourself Collection bracelet has a special meaning too. It is all about remembering that as a woman, you are important too. Wearing your bracelet is a visual reminder of just how special you are.
  5. Locket – gone are the days of men giving their girls a locket which they put a picture of their sweetheart inside. No longer are locks of hair kept in their either, but that doesn’t mean lockets are out of fashion! Instead they add character and a touch of romance to any outfit.

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Time to Be Honest? How Much Jewellery Do You Own?

It’s a bit like the wardrobe, but a woman’s jewellery box is often a collection of jewellery pieces you can’t bear to part with. Interestingly enough, but it has been discovered that by the time she is 40, the average woman owns £6,000 of jewellery. So, tell me. How much jewellery do you own and do you have these five essential pieces in your collection?


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