Ear Piercing – How Young is Too Young for Our Kids?

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Ear piercing has been around for generations and its popularity has not wavered. Unless of course, you are a parent. As kids, girls often want to have their ears pierced young. They see other girls and adults wearing earrings and want to do so too. I remember asking my Mum to get my ear’s pierced and it was a resounding no! Needless to say, I thought that was incredibly unfair and remedied that as soon as I was old enough to pay for them to be done myself.

What Age Should We Say Yes to Our Child’s Ear Piercing?

Have you noticed the increase of celebrities posting photos on social media of their baby’s newly pierced ears? Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie and Katie Price have all shared photos of their young kids with a new ear piercing. It got me to wondering, how young is too young for our kids to have their ears pierced?

If you think about it, when an ear is pierced, there is a chance of infection. Sure, it’s small, but it’s there regardless. But basically, it comes down to the decision of the parents. They need to weigh up the risks including scarring, inflammation, bleeding and damaged caused by pulling the earring out. However, there is no right or wrong age and no age restrictions in NZ. Paediatricians though have recommended that you wait until a baby is at least six months old or preferably until the child can care for their ear piercing themselves.

But what do parents think? I found that out too!

When is it Okay to Pierce a Child’s Ears?

Having your ears pierced does hurt, so it’s a fallacy that it won’t hurt any less for a young baby. The difference is though that a baby won’t remember the episode, but an older child will. For some parents, this is a big plus and why some chemists and other piercing providers see babies as young as six months.

An article published by Stuff talked with a few parents who had decided to pierce their child’s ears. Samantha had her daughter’s ears pierced at 14 weeks of age and her son at three years. She said, “”I decided to get Evie’s ears pierced because they looked cute. I had also heard lots of stories of little girls getting them done at four or five years old, and how they touch and play with them and they get infected. I have not once had a problem with Evie’s ears. She always says ‘look, ears pretty’.”

On the other hand, Mum Sally wants to make her daughter wait until she is 16 years old but will let her do it at 12 instead.

“”I had to wait until I was 16 to get my ears pierced so I felt very strongly about my daughter being that age too,” she says. “I don’t know exactly why I felt so strongly, but I think it’s partly because I believe pierced ears look better on older girls, and partly because I think it’s good to stand your ground on some things. As well as the constant pleading, several of my daughter’s close friends have recently got their ears pierced. It’s definitely added a layer of pressure on me!”

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Getting Your Child’s Ears Pierced

If you’ve made the decision to take them along to have their ears pierced, ensure you choose a professional who does it in sterile and hygienic way. For the first six weeks, the same pair of earrings stays in and are turned often to prevent the hole from closing. Then comes the earring shopping! We make and sell several beautiful pairs of earrings including our Silver Daisy Studs, Love Yourself Pendant Drop Earrings and Peapod Earrings. Order your daughter a pair or two, along with matching ones for yourself. There’s nothing like a Mother and Daughter matching outfit!



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