Creating a silicone fingerprint mould

While my preference would normally be to take fingerprint impressions myself in order to create a fingerprint keepsake, from time to time due to proximity, or circumstances this is not possible and therefore creating a silicone fingerprint mould is necessary.

When might I suggest taking a silicone fingerprint mould

  • Where an individual is unwell and unable to travel
  • For individuals living outside of Auckland
  • Where more keepsakes may be required in the future
  • Where an individual is deceased and the family are requesting that a funeral director takes impressions.
  • As an “insurance” against manufacturing fault with a “direct impression.

Do you need a kit to be sent?

Instructions for making a silicone fingerprint mould using a Custom Keepsakes Fingerprint Mould Kit

 Enclosed is a silicone moulding kit which includes:

  • 2 pots of moulding paste (one blue, one white)
  • Named plastic bag

There should be sufficient moulding paste for 3 impressions.  Complete the first to dried stage before mixing the second lot of paste.


NOTE: You will need to work quickly as once mixed together, the silicone will set within 5 minutes and cannot be remoulded.

  1. Clean and dry hands to have impressions taken. Use a small amount of cooking oil on the ring finger to prevent sticking then wipe clean with a clean towel
  2. Divide each ball of paste into three, then mix equal quantities of one lot of the blue and white paste together.
  3. Roll between the hands until a uniform light blue colour is obtained and the silicone is no longer sticky (approximately 1 minute)
  4. Roll into a ball until there are no creases or lines/joins in the paste.
  5. Place the light blue ball onto the containers lid.
  6. Press finger gently down into the silicone with greater pressure at the tip end (do not roll from side to side)
  7. Lift finger and check the print.
  8. If the print is not clear, repeat steps 4-6
  9. Leave on the lid for 5 – 10 minutes to dry.
  10. You can tell when the silicone is hardened by placing your fingernail gently against the edge. When sufficiently hard, your fingernail will not leave any impression.
  11. Once hardened, remove from the lid and place in the named plastic bag with the containers.
  12. Return the moulds and containers to:

Custom keepsakes

1032 East Coast Rd



Note: the finished piece will have a print slightly smaller than the mould as silver firing creates shrinkage.  All fingerprint moulds are destroyed once items are created unless specifically requested to be returned.

What are the limitations of using a silicone moulding kit

Once the mould is created, it needs to undergo a further process to make it ready for the jewellery impression.  Unfortunately during this stage a small amount of details is lost.   This can make obtaining sufficient detail from babies and infants difficult using the silicone moulding method.  For this reason I recommend making an appointment for impressions to be taken for all infants/small children.

Send me a kit!!!!


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  1. Andrea March 19, 2018 at 2:34 pm - Reply

    I love that you can still have your customs fingerprint jewellery, even though you’re far away!

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