Counting Down to Christmas: Guide to Creating New Family Traditions

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This Christmas, instead of the same old activities, how about creating new family traditions? They don’t have to be costly, time consuming or hard to do. What matters is that they are memorable and enjoyed by all the family.

A family tradition is an activity which is done regularly and passed down between generations. It can be setting the Christmas tree up on the 1st of December each year. Maybe it’s hanging stockings for Santa on Christmas Eve. While it is great to keep these old traditions alive, it’s fun to start new ones too. We’ve put together a fabulous list of ideas to help you with creating new family traditions this Christmas with your loved ones.

10 Ideas to Help with Creating New Family Traditions

Big or small, it’s the significance, the meaning and the activity itself which matters when it comes to Christmas family traditions. Here are some unique ideas to get you started in creating your own new traditions this festive season:

  • Design and build a large-scale Advent calendar. It could be hanging miniature buckets or boxes on a string of tinsel on the wall. These could be filled with small trinkets such as bookmarks, necklaces or handwritten notes. Or you could make a 25 Days of Christmas list and write down a special activity to do together for each day.
  • Create a Christmas tree decoration using a photo from the prior year’s Christmas day.
  • Play Christmas Music while putting up the tree
  • Have a family photo taken in front of the tree each year.
  • Bake some Christmas cookies and take a plate to staff at the library, church or school.
  • Visit Santa and pay anonymously for the photos of the people behind you in the line.
  • Create an interview for each member of the family. Record their answers for questions about their favourite achievement of the year, what they are most proud of and for kids, what they want to be when they grow up. Keep the answers and each Christmas Eve, read the previous year’s ones aloud.
  • Wear Christmas themed pyjamas and drive in the car around looking at all the Christmas lights.
  • Sing Christmas songs as a family. If you are brave, record them on video and post on YouTube.
  • Eat fish and chips on the beach on Christmas Eve.
  • Go star gazing outside on Christmas Eve.
  • Create Christmas gifts for loved ones.
  • Donate a food item each day during December to the local food bank.

I’d love you to share with me some of your family traditions!!!!

Whatever traditions your family does at Christmas, remember it’s doing them together that really counts. Merry Christmas everyone!


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