Christening Gifts They’ll Love from the Start!


Christening Gifts They’ll Love from the Start!!!


Whoever said buying christening gifts was easy, was a total liar! First of all, are you buying a

christening, a baptism or a naming ceremony gift? What’s the difference between all of those and

are you expected to give a present to the parents too? Today we’re going to dive into the world of

christenings once and for all…


Christenings, Baptisms and Naming Ceremonies 101

First up, let’s find out what each one actually is:

  • Christening – a christening is a (mostly) religious ceremony where the baby or infant is given

a name during a church service.

  • Baptism – a religious sacrament where the baby and in some cases adults, are claimed for

the church and God. Holy water is either poured over their forehead or in some religions

they are submerged into it.

  • Naming ceremony – a non-religious ceremony where the baby is given a name in front of



The phrases christenings, baptisms and naming ceremonies are used interchangeably nowadays for

the most part. What doesn’t normally alter is that the baby wears a long white gown for this special

day, with parents, godparents, family and friends all attending the event.


Traditional Christening Gifts

For absolute donkeys’ years, newly christened babies have been given a gift to mark this special

occasion. Have you heard the phrase, ‘born with a silver spoon in their mouth?’ and wondered

where it came from? Christenings as a matter of fact, because silver spoons engraved with the name

of the baby are a traditional christening gift. Along with silver spoons, silver jewellery, silver bowls

and cups and silver money boxes are other traditional gifts. Interestingly enough, they were always

engraved with the infant’s name because these ceremonies focused on giving the new child a name.

Today many people still carry on the tradition of giving a christening present which is engraved with

the baby’s name. In fact, we’ve got the perfect gifts right here for you!

perfect gift for both boys and girls!


christening date on an adorable heart shaped washer.


mark their christening day.

christening gift

fingerprint charm. These are quite small, so fit beautifully on a Pandora type bracelet.

fingerprint charm pandora style bead

When giving your gift, keep it tucked away until after the ceremony. If the parents are holding a

party afterwards, that would be a great time to give it to them. Otherwise when you leave the

ceremony itself, offer your congratulations and pass your wrapped gift over.


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