Choosing wedding jewellery to match your dress

Choosing Wedding Jewellery to Match Your Dress

Your wedding dress is stunning on its own and the perfect wedding jewellery is like icing on the cake. But with so many different styles of wedding gowns and wedding themes, how do you pick jewellery which matches perfectly with your dress?

Top Tips for Picking Your Wedding Jewellery

It’s your wedding day and you deserve the best! You’ve organised your venue, booked a celebrant and found the perfect wedding dress. Now it’s time to choose the jewellery to wear with your dress. Are you thinking a necklace, tiara, rings or bracelet? Well before you start looking, make sure you think about these tips first:

  • Less is Best – while it’s your wedding day, going overboard on jewellery isn’t the way to go. Instead, look for simple and minimalist wedding jewellery styles such as our Peapod Jewellery Range. Also, while jewellery can compliment your gown, if you wear too much, it is overwhelming. Try to wear only one piece.
  • Work with Your Metals – the metal of your jewellery will suit a specific colour of wedding dress best. Gold suits ivory, while silver is best with a white dress. If your dress has embellishments, make sure the metal colour of your jewellery matches too.
  • Consider Your Neckline – the shape of your gown neckline determines the type of necklace it will suit. A sweetheart or strapless neckline suits a short chain necklace or choker. A V-neck suits either a choker or pendant necklace. For a halter, wear earrings like our Love Yourself Pendant Drop Earrings instead of a necklace.
  • Your Wedding Hairstyle – are you going to have your hair up or down? If you are wearing an up-do, statement earrings are a must! For a down-do, a statement necklace is your best choice. You can even incorporate your favourite necklace or bracelet within your hairstyle too.
  • Something Old, Something New – don’t forget that your something old can be a piece of jewellery you already own. Or how about having an old stone reset into a new piece of jewellery to wear instead?
  • Take Your Time – if you can, choose your jewellery at least three months before your wedding. This ensures it is there on time and available for wearing at your fittings and hair trials. Picking the right bridal jewellery is not something which should be rushed, so take your time. If you get stuck, send us a photo of your dress and let us help you find the perfect piece for you!

We know you’re going to look amazing on your wedding day! Remember, as NZ jewellery designers, we’re here to help! Give us a call to chat about choosing the perfect piece of jewellery for your wedding today.  Oh, and don’t forget about your other half.  We can bling him out with some sterling silver sweet heart cufflinks, unforgettable dates personalised cufflinks, or if there is someone special that sadly can’t make it to the wedding, a pair of photo cufflinks.


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