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Care Instructions

Precious metals and semi precious metals are soft metals prone to both tarnishing and scratching. Custom Keepsakes are often purchased to wear on a daily basis as opposed to worn on special occasions. Different body chemistry, humidity, and what you apply to your skin (creams/perfumes/shampoo/soap/perspiration) can affect the rate at which tarnishing occurs. Frequent wetting, or jewellery that remains wet will tarnish faster.

It is not recommended that you wear your piece in salt or chlorinated water, as the water may affect the integrity of your piece. Be sure to wipe down your jewellery to prevent accumulation of dirt and oils. If your jewellery does get wet, be sure to thoroughly dry it – as wet jewellery will also tarnish faster.

It is recommended that you do not shower, bathe, or sleep in your keepsake as this will both encourage it to tarnish quicker, and may encourage the guilders paste used in darkening letters to be removed.

To maximise the life of your special keepsake then please do not clean it with harsh chemicals.

Copper and brass may be cleaned by rubbing a mixture of equal parts vinegar, flour and salt gently over the surface and leaving for 5 minutes before rinsing with water and drying. Polish with the complementary pro polish pad.

Your copper keepsake has been protected with a coating of Renaissance Wax specially designed to prevent fingerprints, and reduce tarnishing of metal.

Silver may be cleaned by lining a small bowl with aluminium foil and a teaspoon of baking soda then pouring a small amount of boiling water over the solution and keepsake until covered. Leave 5 minutes, rinse, and dry then polish with the complementary pro polish pad (with the exception of fingerprint keepsakes which should be polished with a soft cloth).

When not in used, or being worn, keepsakes should be stored in in an airtight container or zip lock bag to prevent tarnishing.