5 Fun Ways to Keep Your Child’s Handprints Forever

5 Ways to keep your child’s handprints forever

keep your child's handprints forever

Our kids are always changing and so are their handprints! There are many wonderful ways to keep your child’s handprints forever. Paint, clay, jewellery, ink: the list is endless. While as parents we are prepared to capture that handprint no matter what, often our kids are not that enthusiastic! That’s why we need ways of capturing their prints quickly. We’ve put together a list of five easy activities you can do to keep your child’s handprints forever.

5 Easy Activities to Help Keep Your Child’s Handprints Safe

Here are our top five ways you can capture your child’s handprints. The good news is, you can use them to keep footprints too!

  1. Handprint Tree – this makes an amazing piece of artwork for a child’s bedroom! Paint your child’s hand brown and press it onto the bottom of the canvas. Their handprint forms the tree trunk. Then using cotton buds dipped in any colour paint, create the leaves for the tree.
  2. Handprint & Footprint Jewellery – capturing a hand or footprint for a necklace, pendant, cufflink or keyring is so special! Not only do they make awesome gifts, they are wonderfully personalised pieces keepsakes too.
  3. Vehicle Footprints – such a super cool idea for boys and girls who love fire engines, police cars and rubbish trucks! Using their footprint or handprint, stamp it onto a heavy piece of card. This becomes the main part of the vehicle. Next add wheels, the roof and other accessories. This is one of my favourites.
  4. Handprint Alphabet – who would have thought you can turn a handprint into an educational resource? Each handprint is made into an animal or object starting with one letter and turned into a large poster. I love it!
  5. Baking Soda Clay Handprints – if you’re needing some handmade Christmas tree ornaments, then these baking soda clay handprints are for you. Made with ingredients you’ll have in your cupboard; these handprint keepsakes are fun and easy to make.

How to Take a Good Handprint

Taking a clear and smudge free hand or footprint can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you:

  • For a young baby, wait until they are asleep before you take a print.
  • Tape the paper or canvas down on a smooth surface before taking the print.
  • Have a couple of practise tries first!
  • Press their hand down and roll from side to side.
  • Instead of painting, try tracing their hand and using that to make a handprint shape.

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